Dakshinamoorthy Pooja

Lord Dakshinamurthy is a powerful Avatar of the Hindu God Shiva, who appears as a Guru (teacher) to guide one on the right path. This divine form of Lord Shiva is the personification of all types of knowledge and symbolizes awareness, understanding and wisdom.


He is also revered as a teacher of the arts like yoga, music, meditation and various other artistic abilities. Shiva is considered as the master of the Shastras and his expositions of these texts are unparalleled. In Hindu philosophy, having a Guru is all important and those who do not have one are advised to consider Lord Dakshinamurthy as their teacher.


Thursday is known as ‘Guruvar’ and generally associated with the Planet Jupiter. This day is dedicated to Guru Worship and considered auspicious to indulge in educational activities. Special worship services are offered to Lord Dakshinamurthy on Thursday in Saivite temples and more so, on Guru Purnima.

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